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Regal Loft


Comes with a corridor and up to 4 partitions depending on size, Any size available on request.

Pent Style Roof
Door Width 30"
12mm Shiplap T&G Cladding
38mm X 50mm Framework
Hasp & Staples For Extra Security
40kg Green Mineral Felt
Corridoor And Upto 4 Partitions
Autumn Gold Preservative Coated To Exterior And Interior
Free Merseyside Delivery And Erection
Sizes & Prices
10x6£1150 10x8£1295
12x6£1355 12x8£1599
14x6£1579 14x8£1799
16x6£1799 16x8£2000
18x6£1999 18x8£2280
24x6£2599 24x8£2890
28x6£2590 24x8£3000

Please note: Floor sizes are 4" shorter eg. 8'x6' floor would be 92"x68"

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